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Hasegawa 09081 1:48 Spitfire Mk.VIII (Royal Air Force Fighter)

Hasegawa 09081 1:48, Spitfire Mk.VIII (Royal Air Force Fighter)
Производитель: Hasegawa
артикул: 09081
масштаб: 1:48
название: Spitfire Mk.VIII (Royal Air Force Fighter)

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Длина модели 19,75 см.
Размах крыльев 20,9 см.
Комплект из 101 детали.

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Дополнительная информация:

The Spitfire Mk VIII was designed with a fuselage replacing that of the Mk V design, which had been the basis of Spitfire variant development since its inception a year previously The Merlin 40/45 series engines of the Mk V were replaced with Merlin 60 series powerplants mounted with two-stage, two-speed superchargers and the pressunzation equipment installed in the Mk VI and Mk VII for high-altitude capability was removed in lieu of the Mk VIII s probable mission profile of having to operate in tropical combat environments The fuselage was elongated to accept the larger engines, and wing-type variants of the Mk VIII were built for each of the three types of Spitfire wing — the standard type. the elongated high-altitude type and the clipped tip low-altitude type allowing the Mk VIII to be employed effectively at any potential combat altitude Additional major modifications including strengthening of the fuselage structure, an enlarged rudder and retractable tailwheel engendered great expectations for the new type among RAF personnel September 1941 saw renewed Luftwaffe efforts over the English Channel marking the debut of the formidable new Fwl90A, which completely outclassed the Spitfire Mk V which was the backbone of RAF Fighter Command at the time As Mk VIII development was not progressing quickly enough to counter the immediate threat posed by the new Luftwaffe aircraft. Merlin 60 series powerplants were jury-rigged onto existing Mk Vs to become the Mk IX The Mk VIII went into production in November 1942, with most aircraft produced seeing action with RAF and Bntush Commonwealth units in the Southeast Asian theater and with the USAAF in the Mediterranean A total of 1,658 Mk VIIIs were built during the war, with 410 of these aircraft seeing service with the Royal Australian Air Force.

Data Mk VIII

Crew: one
wingspan: (clipped-up wing) 9,804m
length (with standard rudder): 9,474m
height: 3,569m
wing area: 21,46m²
weight, fully-loaded: 3,523kg
engine: Merlin 66 (for low-altitude operation) rated at 1 580hp
cruising range: 698km
maximum speed (with low altitude powerplant): 650km/h
fixed armament (C-wing): 20mm cannon x 2; 7,7mm machine guns x 4